Ω There are two ways to enter the clan, one is to be the child/spouse of a member. This would be an instant recognition into the clan, and all the benefits with, but if the spouse is to leave that is in the clan, both lose all benefits and powers of being in the clan, but the child may stay and keep the powers, even if the parents are banned or traitors, they may stay/join.

Ø The second way, is that you receive part of the soul from a member, this would be instant access to the powers and benefit that come with it. If a parent is a member, but has a child beforehand, the parent would have to give the joining child part of their soul allowing to be the member, the same goes for the spouse. Even if part of their soul is put into another, that part will regenerate due to the powers of the clan.

[ Powers & Benefits ]

The powers that you have a possibility of getting are the following:

  • Soul Manipulation
  • Soul Forging
  • Soul Mutilation
  • Soul Resonance (Given to every member)
  • Other Soul
  • Artificial Soul
  • Angel Soul
  • Unbound Soul
  • Pure Soul
  • Soul Healing (Given to every member)
  • Soul Bound Weapon
  • Deity Soul
  • Possession
  • Soul Reading (Given to every member)
  • Dragon Soul
  • Hybrid Soul
  • Demon Soul
  • Soul Anchoring
  • Soul Summoning
  • Multiple Souls
  • Soul Conversion
  • Artificial vessel
  • Soul Link